Comment Rules


Comments are a great way to communicate with the author of a post along with other Practical Purity readers, or to ask for further clarification. In order to keep things moving smoothly, I’ve comprised a short list of comment rules. Comments that don’t fit the criteria won’t be approved by the site moderator.

  • Commenters should strive to remain on topic. I’m sure you have interests and passions coming out your ears, but unless the post specifically addresses your pet topic (e.g. politics, schooling options, celebrity gossip, etc.) I need to ask you to kindly stay on topic. If there’s something off topic you’d like to say, feel free to leave it on the Answering Machine page.  
  • Friendly discussion is encouraged. But in order to make sure Practical Purity remains a safe place for everyone, all comments must be respectful and gracious regarding both the other person and their point of view.
  • There’s no need to swear. Swearing, both as insults and as “sentence enhancers,” is strictly prohibited.
  • All inappropriate and slanderous comments won’t be approved at the moderator’s sole discretion.

Now that you’ve read through the four comment rules, I hope you enjoy your stay at Practical Purity and feel free to comment to your heart’s content. 🙂

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