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Do you have a comment, question or just want to say howdy and you’re not sure where to put it? Well, you’ve found the right place.  Feel free to leave all comments that don’t tie-in with a specific article bellow. If you need to contact me directly, you can also email me at  If you haven’t received an email reply within three days either leave a comment bellow or shoot me another email.

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22 05 2007

Nice blog you have here Kelsey. I will drop by from time to time. Keep writing for the glory of God!

9 08 2007
Heather Paulsen

Hey I have linked your blog to my site and was wondering if you’d consider doing the same!


28 08 2007

Very nice, Kelsey. I’ll be following, and potentially adding you to my blogroll. (Not that it’s a boost for anyone to be on my blogroll…)

30 08 2007
The DT

Nice blog. I’ll be sure to tattoo the address onto my forearm.

20 09 2007

oopps, sorry i should have posted my comment here, bad kristina, not reading the rules before i post.
*hand slap*

20 09 2007
Kelsey Hough


Oh, no worries. I just added the “Answering Machine” page and the comment rules, so most people haven’t seen them yet. 🙂


16 10 2007

hey who was it that wanted to have a game night with me and my family (besides you)? You guys still interested?

I remember this being WAY WAY back.

16 10 2007
Kelsey Hough


Hm, I don’t remember who else wanted to have a game night, but my family and I are still interested. We’re always up for a game night. 🙂

We should work something out before too long.


26 10 2007

great site. best of wishes. grace and peace

8 02 2008

Thanks for your comment on the blog today! Tell me about the yellow lizzard on your icon..there must be a story there. One of my daughters had gecho’s f (sp?) for a while..from here, it looks like it might be one of those.

13 02 2008
Kelsey Hough


Back a few years ago I tried having pet lizards, but for some reason it didn’t go very well. One of them ran away from home (quite a feat for a terrarium pet who was only a few inches long), and several of them contracted a disease that made them freeze up and eventually die as if rigor mortis was setting in while they were still alive.

Another setback to having pet lizards I discovered was the crickets I had to feed them. Somehow the little buggers would make their way out of the terrarium, down the hall, and all the way to the kitchen. After a couple of months, there was a whole chirping colony of ex-lizard-food living under the refrigerator that held nightly music practices as I was trying to sleep.

After several failed attempts at keeping lizards alive and having to listen to a few too many midnight cricket concerts, I decided I wasn’t meant to have lizards after all and have stuck with collecting lizard paraphernalia instead. It’s much less traumatic.

Since I already had a lizard picture I liked, and it was the right shape, I ended up using it as my avatar on WordPress. It’s much easier to have a lizard as your avatar then it is to have one as a pet.


22 02 2008

I’m impressed with the wisdom and strength you portray at such a young age. I wish I had your heart for God when I was starting out, or when I was a teen. Keep it up!

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