Andrew Murray on Surrendering to God

7 03 2008

potteryWheel (2)

“May believers think that when they receive Jesus, He saves them and then helps them in times of trouble. Then they all but deny Him as their Master!  They think they have a right to have their own will and their own way in a thousand different things… they are their own masters and would never dream of saying, ‘Jesus, I forsake all to follow You.’”

– Andrew Murray, From Absolute Surrender



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7 03 2008

That is so true! It’s amazing because I was thinking about this very topic yesterday! Christians tell non-christians to “Try Jesus! He’ll make you happy!”, and they don’t speak of the great sacrifice it will take on the non-believer’s part.

Thank you for sharing this!

9 03 2008
Bethany Roberts

That is an excellent quote. Our natural tendency is to tell Jesus “you have that corner over there. I want to keep the rest of my heart.” Unless we give him all of our heart our Christian life will be fruitless.

13 03 2008

Life got a lot tougher after becoming a Christian, but it also became a lot more bearable. How’s that for a conundrum? It is tremendously challenging to remember to seek God’s will, but it is a great joy knowing that I have a place to lay my burdens. Also, when I hear God’s direction, it isn’t always painless to go.

22 03 2008

That’s a conversation I have with a lot of the students I work with. Jesus is not just your Savior, but also your Lord. For some people, like me, that doesn’t happen at the same time. It was process for me to realize He’s the Lord of my life as well. But I’m so glad I have!

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