Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

21 01 2008


“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” ~Martin Luther King, Jr.

It’s easy to be opinionated and vocal about our views when there isn’t anything at stake, and it doesn’t really matter.  But very few of us are usually willing to speak up, like Dr. Martin Luther King did, about things that are truly a matter of right and wrong.

I know for myself, it’s not only a matter of choosing not to be silent, though, it’s also a matter of learning to have the wisdom and maturity to know the difference between the things like justice, freedom and equality that are worth fighting for, even worth dying for, and my own personal pet peeves.

May we all have the maturity to pick our battles wisely, and the strength to never keep silent about things that truly matter.     



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21 01 2008

The quote you quoted is a great truth!

I wonder how active he would be today in the abortion and gay-marriage issues?

Issues we’ve been silent on too long.

Blessings to you Kelsey.

23 01 2008

Hey there! Amen to this. I was just thinking about stuff like this. For a while I just had this “I can’t make a difference in the world” type of standpoint. Particularly, well, mostly, in politics and cultural/social issues.

But I’ve been realizing that by doubting, I’m in essence doubting God’s power, and thinking that it’s ME that has to make the change. Well, ME can’t. I don’t have the power. But God THROUGH me does. And that is amazing.

I don’t want to keep silent about things just because I feel my measly opinion won’t make a difference. I want to stand strong in God’s views and proclaim the truth to the world. I want to vote, and learn more about political things.

:o) Good post.

25 01 2008

Glad I found your site. Dr. King had an amazing ministry. Thanks for the reminder.

25 01 2008
Kelsey Hough


Welcome to my blog. Thank you for taking the time to comment. 🙂

It’s true, Dr. King did have an amazing ministry.


31 01 2008

Amen! So many times I hear people say, “Why did you do that?” For many things my reply is, “Because it was the right thing to do.” It seems that most people think that we should only do the right thing if it is easy or profitable. Thanks for the reminder to stand up.

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