Hannah Hurnard on Suffering

3 09 2007

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“As Christians we know, in theory at least, that in the life of a child of God there are no second causes, that even the most unjust and cruel things, as well as all seemingly pointless and undeserved sufferings, have been permitted by God as a glorious opportunity for us to react to them in such a way that our Lord and Savior is able to produce in us, little by little, his own lovely character.”

~Hannah Hurnard, from Hinds’ Feet on High Places



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3 09 2007

That book is pure gold, and that quote catches the essence of it.

4 09 2007

I read it years ago. It inspired me to write a song called, “As good as You’ve been to me.”

4 09 2007
Eric Novak

I love that book! Mom read it to us a few years ago, and I really enjoyed it. I love reading books with morels 😉

RCY: We caught those dragonflies at dusk, so the sky was still light, but against the grass it was dark. I ended up holding the jar up to the sky and snapping pictures as the mosquitoes ate me =D


5 09 2007

That book really opened my eyes to what following Jesus could be. My older daughter Reneé has read it ragged.

What a true and encouraging quote.

6 09 2007

Such a good quote… Guess I should read the book.

7 09 2007
Rachel Marie


11 09 2007

I second what Kaylene said.

12 09 2007

That’s a great quote!
I checked your modestmoe blog and this one seems to be more updated. Did you stop writing for modestmoe (for the meantime anyway)?

12 09 2007
Kelsey Hough


For the moment, I have stopped posting on my other blog because I haven’t been able to find the time. I’m planning on having my “Modest Moe” blog be my personal blog, so it’ll deal with things more directly related to me and my life (rather than Christianity on a whole). I’d like to start updating it again soon, but we’ll see what actually ends up happening. 😛

Eitehr way, though, this blog will be updated (fingers crossed) about twice a week. 🙂


20 12 2007

great quote, so hard to believe sometimes though

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