Christians No Different than the World

25 07 2007

Christians no different

“The problem with America’s Christianity today is that, for the most part, it doesn’t exist! What passes for Christianity is instead an anemic, spineless, diluted substitute without convictions or principle.

“No wonder so many unbelievers see nothing in the church that would draw them to a life-transforming faith in Christ.  No wonder so many political leaders ignore the church.  No wonder that despite some 300,000 evangelical churches, scores and hundreds of television and radio ministries, and millions of professing Christians, our nation is still on a collision course with calamity!  What America needs is real Christianity!  The kind of Christianity that changed the course of history.”

-excerpted from “Christians No Different than the World” by Chuck Baldwin

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25 07 2007

**nods head in agreement**

25 07 2007

sad but true…

25 07 2007

Exactly! The need for a revolution is urgent!

25 07 2007

It is sad…

25 07 2007

By the way, great job on the blog, Kels!

26 07 2007
Heather Paulsen

Great thoughts…sad but very true! Thanks for stopping by!

30 07 2007

After reading your post, this quote started running through my mind:

“The need of the hour for today’s ministry is believing scholarship joined with earnest spirituality, the one springing from the other as fruit from the root. The need is biblical doctrine, so understood and felt, that it sets men on fire.”
-Charles Spurgeon (1887)

Gotta love that Spurgeon! 🙂

14 08 2007

So ? what are we going to do about it ?
Nice blog Kelsey, I see you are doing something!

9 09 2008

I cannot understand a solution until I understand a problem. The clearest evidence of my lack of understanding the problem is the ineffectiveness of my solution.

That the doctrine of most Christians is an ineffective solution says in vast volumes how those same Christians do not understand the problem. If they did, they’d get the solution provided to them by Jesus Christ and through Jesus Christ. That Christians are ineffective at being appreciably different than the world is testimony of vast ignorance.

So — what are we ignorant of? First, we are ignorant of HOW we work (in lust, sin, mind and emotions). Second, our ignorance is not limited to Christians, but is shared by non-believers as well. Third, the ineffective brand of doctrine held by the majority of American Christians is laced with self-delusion and is actually being generated from the problem of humanity: in other words — the HOW we are broken is actually producing a the self-delusional doctrine that we flail about with in vain attempts at living and walking in an effective solution to our illness.

I walked in this ignorance for more than 20 years. I named the name of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. I claimed being Spirit-filled, speaking in tongues and became a raging fanatic for Christ. Yet, while I was naming Christ as Savior, I was growing in cycles of sin, both in shorter cycles from failure to failure, but also in the depth and depravity of my sin. After 20 years, my ignorance had brought me to a shattered marriage and a life of depravity and depression.

It was on Christmas Eve, 2004, at the lowest point I have yet been in, the Lord Jesus was finally able to deliver to me a spark of inward sight that would open the eyes of my understanding.

What I experienced in the beginning and what I thought I knew to be truth in the beginning has been a journey from dark into light. I never lost my firm 100% belief that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, the great I AM, but I needed to journey through some dangerous doctrine to get to the reality of the gospel. Of late, the Lord Jesus Christ has done just that. If you read my blog (a few from the beginning and then more from more recently), you’ll see this transition taking place and shape.

I hope that something in it will be helpful to you. May the Lord Jesus Christ richly bless you in ALL spiritual blessings.


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